Brooklyn, NY.

The neighborhood is Bushwick. 2017.

For several years, Bushwick had been morphing. Morphing into one of the most hipster-friendly, trendy neighborhoods in the 5 boroughs. Settled in north Brooklyn on the edge of Queens, geographically this gem is easily attainable from a number of neighborhoods and has provided ample reasons to garner visitors. Whether it be cutting-edge galleries, Jay-Z approved eateries, or some badass graffiti murals, there is something for everyone.

One of those somethings was Bruce Cost Ginger Ale.  Perhaps we’re biased though.  Bruce Cost Ginger Ale is our big sister brand, after all, and she joined the ‘hood back in 2010, paving the way for a new vibe in what was once only a manufacturing-heavy neighborhood.  While big sis Bruce Cost set the tone for our high-quality soda status, this fast-evolving neighborhood really paved the way for what we’d become. 

In a desire to match (and who’s kidding, exceed) the growing trends, Brooklyn Crafted was born.  Brooklyn Crafted: Real Ingredients, Real Drinks. Currently a ginger beer line, but so much more than your average ginger beer.  Our Extra Spicy only has 5 ingredients per bottle: carbonated water, pure cane sugar, fresh ginger, organic ginger extract and a touch of citric acid.  Manufactured in hand-crafted, small batches, these plant-based sodas come in a variety of flavors including Sugar-free, Mango, Lemon Lime and the very unique Earl Grey Tea variety.

To really solidify our hip Brooklyn vibe, we created a logo that pays homage to our Brooklyn roots and a package in bright, statement-making colors, so you can’t miss us.

But you guys, this is only the beginning.