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A fresh take on traditional herbal teas

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Brewed perfectly to help you unwind & breathe easy

Hawthorn is a tart berry that is traditionally used to improve heart health and lower cholesterol. By adding a light touch of ginger and chrysanthemum, we’re adding a delectably sweet & floral finish to this classic recipe.


Classic liang cha brew you can’t get enough of

Traditionally used for its detoxifying properties, prunella tea is an age-old brew that is perfect for reducing bloat. By adding a light touch of ginger, we’re spicing up this classic recipe to deliver even more goodness per bottle.


Antioxidants have never tasted this good

Hibiscus is a vibrant flower that has long been used to lower blood pressure and relieve anxiety. Our recipe brews it together with pomegranate juice, ginger, and goji berries, making an antioxidant-rich hibiscus tea that is better than ever before.


The ultimate way to fight a cold

For centuries, ginger has been used in chinese medicine to boost immunity and improve digestion. By lightly sweetening with dark brown sugar & jujube dates, we’re brewing a tea that’s sugar, spice, and everything nice.